Code of Conduct 0ld 2

This Code has been agreed and reflects the School’s aims and ethos.

Coláiste Dhúlaigh aims

  • to provide the best possible teaching and learning atmosphere for all its students.
  • to provide a healthy social environment in which students can enjoy their school life.


Students should treat all Students and all Staff with respect and should expect to be treated with respect in return. Students should respect the right to an education of others in their class. Bad language is offensive and disrespectful and must not be used.


Students are encouraged to participate fully in all School activities.


The School aims to encourage good habits in attendance and time-keeping.

  1. School starts at 8:50 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
  2. Students must attend every day.
  3. A written explanation for absence must be given to the Class Teacher as soon as a Student returns to school. Prolonged absence should be certified by a doctor.
  4. Students may not leave School premises without permission.


Students should behave in a manner that creates an atmosphere which encourages success and learning.

In the interest of safety and order, Students should walk on the left hand side or corridors and stairs and use the appropriate entrances and exits.


The School organises a Book Rental Scheme in order to reduce the cost of books for parents. This fee should be paid before September 1st as students require books as soon they return to school. These books should be maintained in good condition by students and should be brought into school as necessary. Students must supply their own copies, pens, pencils and other equipment as specific by teachers.

P.E. gear is compulsory and should be brought to school on the appropriate day.


Students must wear full uniform every day. Students who come to school without uniform may be sent home without prior notice.

Students should arrive in school neatly dresses, in a manner consistent with safety and hygiene.


Students are responsible for their own property while in school. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to students property; this includes bicycles.


As stated above, the Student Diary contains a record of behaviour – in particular misdemeanours will be noted by Teacher. Students who come late or with poor work or with poor attitude or who lack equipment will all be penalised. This may mean extra work, detention, removal from class, school service.

School Service means light work which can include cleaning, tidying and improving the school building, grounds or fittings and furniture.

For serious breaches of this Code of Conduct, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Year Head, who along with the Class Teacher will decide on the action to be taken. Parents will be notified by letter or phone if they are required to come to School to discuss the matter.