Spanish Foods

1st year classes trying out Spanish food in the library.

Spanish Foods

La fiesta española
On 5th March the Spanish Department organised a “fiesta española” for all 1st Year students. It was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Students helped in advance to decorate the library in the Spanish colours red and yellow. The students studying art made some great posters with Spanish images and words. Our language assistant María helped out a lot in preparation for the event and on the day, she brought back some authentic materials from Spain which was great for the students.  On the day each group came to the library for forty minutes. They had the opportunity to taste different types of Spanish food, which included; paella, tortilla española, albóndigas, gambas, chorizo, jamón, aceitunas, magdalenas and tarta de Santiago. They completed competitions, listened to Spanish music and watched a presentation with some of the most typical and iconic images from Spain.

When asked if they enjoyed the morning feedback from students included:
“Yes because we got to taste different types of food, the room was decorated and there was Spanish music” Lauren 1st Year
“I enjoyed the Spanish morning because everyone was there, it was a nice social gathering everyone was happy and enjoying themselves” Wayne 1st Year
“Yes because it gave us a chance to taste Spanish foods” Jennifer 1st Year
“Yes it was fun, the music was great and I liked the decoration” Sarah 1st Year

Suggestions for next year include:
A demonstration of Flamenco dancing
An opportunity to taste churros con chocolate

The Spanish Department looks forward to holding this event again and making it an even bigger success in 2014!!