Technology subjects in Junior Cycle

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Junior Cycle Overview

At present, there are four options at Junior Cycle for technology subjects. Across the four syllabuses the stated aims strive to foster creative problem solving and design along with developing the necessary manipulative skillset for the subject area. For example, the Materials Technology (Wood) syllabus aims to ‘develop a creative approach to problem solving in the design process through designing, making and evaluating, and to promote initiative, enquiry and discrimination.’ (Department of Education, 1989a, p. 4). The Metalwork syllabus aims to ‘Link observation and action with ingenuity and creativity and with problem-solving and higher level responses.’ (Department of Education, 1989b, p. 2). The Technology syllabus has broader aims which include ‘to develop in the student the abilities to make a critical evaluation of a piece of work and to take appropriate action (Department of Education, 1989a, p. 2), while the Technical Graphics syllabus contained aims that may not have formed part of the daily teaching of the class such as the aim ‘to develop basic competency in computer graphics in the context of graphical problem-solving and computer aided design’ (Department of Education, 1989c, p. 5). The following is a summary overview of these subjects, with associated assessment for examination details.






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